Career Profile

Freelance Senior Scala Engineer, I like functional programing, "Do it yourself" and anticonformism. My tendency to host my own services usually gives me a broader understanding of the IT world. I am using Emacs with Dvorak on Nixos, if you understood that, you should get my state of mind.


Senior Scala Engineer

May 2018 - today
The Merchant Service Hub (MSH) is a fully web-based platform adding value to terminal estates. It collects non-sensitive payment data from standalone terminals to deliver business intelligence (B.I) services to merchants and acquirers alike. The MSH enables acquirers to monetize their estate by generating additional revenues. Our biggest problematic was how to maintain a relatively big system with a reasonable team size. We had to update many technical components and work on automation. In addition, this mission comported a big teaching and mentoring component to improve the team familiarity with functional concepts.

  • Scala Play 2 Http4s Cats FS2 Circe Monocle
  • MicroServices Mesos Marathon
  • Kafka ElasticSearch Couchbase
  • Ansible Terraform
  • GitLab GitLab-CI

Scala Engineer

Oct. 2017 - May 2018
The Data team had the objective to offer a recommender system to SeLoger's clients. With this goal in mind, we industrialized the pipeline ingesting tracking data of the site, preparing the data and exposing the recomender algorithm results.

  • Scala Spark Play 2 Circe
  • Hortonworks Yarn Airflow
  • GitLab GitLab-CI Ansible
  • Telegraf InfluxDB Grafana

Technical Co-Founder

May 2017 - Oct. 2017
Actiondesk is a startup project that aims to automate enterprises business processes. It's goal is to enable connecting, without code, internal data sources and SAAS tools. It aims to make business teams independent.
  • Scala Play 2 Akka Kafka
  • ScalaJS ScalaJS-React
  • Debian PostgreSQL Docker
  • GitLab GitLab-CI

Confirmed Scala Developer

Sept. 2016 - May 2017
BIPE Rating evaluates rate the health of companies. It allows financial investors to evaluate risk and find new prospects. In the BIPE Rating team, my missions are of various nature. They range from developing new functions to putting the application in production. In a constant search for quality, I set up many tools. I enriched the software factory with continuous integration pipelines. I also set up tools for software quality and test coverage visualisation. I set up a monitoring stack. At last, I also assist the BIPE Rating team in its recruitment process.
  • Scala Play 2 Guice Slick
  • AngularJS JQuery Bootstrap
  • Ubuntu PostgreSQL Docker
  • Telegraf InfluxDB Grafana
  • GitLab GitLab-CI

Research Engineer

Mar. 2015 - Aug. 2016
Université Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée
BeC3 is a conception and execution system for distributed logic in the Internet Of Things. It differs from existing solution by it's agile architecture. It places business logic closest to object and minimize network exchanges. In the three man BeC3 team, i contributed to refactor and extend the application. With the objectiv of creating a project maintainable by a small team, I contributed to migrate the Back-End to the Play Framework. I also conceived a big part of the current application architecture in order to minimize the amount of different technologies used. I set up a software factory with continuous delivery pipelines. I also wrote unit tests and set up tools for monitoring the overall code quality and code coverage
  • Java Play 2 Guice Ebean
  • Debian XMPP
  • GitLab GitLab-CI Jenkins Sonar

Software Engineer

feb. 2014 - feb. 2015
Sopra Steria
In the architecture cell and then in the Telecom and Media section, i contributed to several projects for major actors in Telecom and insurance. I've been lead developer and architects' support for the Multirisque Entreprise project for Allianz. I adapted an existing platform to serve as a proof of concept for an application store for Orange. I contributed to a pre-sale for tools of business process management for Monaco Telecom
  • Java/JEE Spring Hibernate
  • AngularJS Bootstrap
  • Activiti


NixPkgs (Contributor) - A collection of packages for Nixos, the functional Operating System

Skills & Proficiency


Gitlab, Gitlab-CI, Docker

Ansible, Terraform, AWS